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Functional Lab Testing

  • 15 minutes
  • Depends on the test
  • The Integrative Health Center

Service Description

Have you ever been to the doctor feeling less than wonderful, but he tells you all your tests are “normal”? So you leave still feeling fatigued or with some vague pains or some type of discomfort. Functional Lab testing digs deeper and looks at a wider variety of factor which may be contributing to your problem. In short it provides answers. As an example Joe is feeling really run down all the time, with increasing body fat and decreasing libido. The doctor orders a male hormone test which includes cortisol, testosterone and other hormones. This is done on a 12 hour fast. At 8 AM Joe gives a blood sample. Results come back normal. Then Joe finds out about functional testing. He gives a second urine of the morning and 4 saliva samples which test about 12 hormones and neurotransmitters. The samples given throughout the day provide a movie of the whole day versus a snapshot of the blood test he took prior. Based on this information his functional doctor can now prescribe the right diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to the time of day he needs support. In time Joe is feeling a lot better and has more energy for life and his relationships.

Contact Details

  • Yehezkel HaNavi Street 6, Bet Shemesh, Israel

    + 058-432-5849

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