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Health as More Than the Absence of Disease

[endif]-- Have you ever contemplated the meaning of health? Is it understood and accepted that as we age we are destined to come down with illness and disease? Or is it possible to live to an advanced age in good health? What about nature versus nurture? Do our genes determine our destiny? Or can we have a measure of control in their expression? Do our thoughts affect our physical health and vice versa? Can relatively simple measures, such as drinking an adequate amount of water, increase not only the quantity but more importantly the quality of our lives?

My goal is to present you with the information you need to achieve optimal health via the most recent cutting edge research from the top institutions and minds in the world. The focus will be primarily nutrition as a condition specific application and chiropractic neurology, an exciting emerging field, as a method of evoking positive change in the brain and body without pharmaceuticals or surgery. I will present scientifically sound principles as an alternate or as a complement to traditional medicine.

We will discuss neurological concepts that will increase our awareness of brain based function. We will learn together how the body is simultaneously simple yet complex beyond our understanding. And we will come to see how nutrition and neurology are the foundation of our physical and mental health. Best of all we will get to apply these concepts clinically in the office in order to improve our lives.

Dorland's Medical Dictionary defines health as the state of "optimal mental, physical and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmities." I will be using this definition as a guiding principle in this column and will explore the many ways we can apply this to our everyday lives.

I look forward to serving you very soon! ![endif]--![endif]--

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