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The Root Cause of All Disease

What is the root cause of disease and chronic illness?

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases have two core targeted starting points. One is the inability to handle chronic stress and the second is impaired digestion.

Improper digestion of your food leads to toxicity. Undigested food may stay in the bowels for many days. That food ferments, putrefies, and gives off acids and gasses, becoming a fertile lab dish for bacteria, candida yeast, and parasites. The imbalanced gut is a haven for pathologic organisms which then crowd out beneficial organisms. That leads to further incomplete digestion of food and can lead to the ultimate and dramatic irritation of the lining of the GI tract, which destroys the selective barrier of the gut. Then we can begin leaking into our body all this undigested food, candida, bacteria, and parasites. At the intestinal barrier we see the beginning of chronic disease. The liver is also overwhelmed by this flood of internal junk. Coupled with high stress we have the foundation of chronic disease. It can take decades for a problem to develop but when we reach our 40’s and 50’s the accumulation and chronicity of the problem can manifest as the onset of adult diabetes, the tremor of Parkinson’s disease, the confusion and disorientation of early Alzheimer’s, arrhythmias, heart disease, and the onset of cancers.

This is a flow chart to summarize the progression of the problem:

Impaired digestion-intestinal toxemia -growth of candida and parasites-imbalance of gut flora-leaky gut syndrome-spilling of junk into our body-chronic illness

The good news is that I have developed a program based on the latest research to manage stress and normalize digestive function. Keep in mind that the GI tract is responsible for about 80% of the body’s immunity. On the other side of this healing process is vibrant health! Don’t you deserve it? Feel free to email me any questions or to set an appointment.


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