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Neurotoxicity is defined as the capacity of chemical, biological, or physical agents in your environment to cause abnormal changes in the nervous system. It is well recognized that exposure to toxic chemicals in the environment can cause neurological and psychiatric illnesses. We use the term environmental neurotoxicity to refer broadly to adverse neurological response to a wide variety of substances that cause injury to the brain including diet, alcohol, tobaccos, drugs, and other toxic substances in the air, water, and soil. About 70,000 chemicals are in the environment. Of these, only a handful have been evaluated thoroughly for neurotoxicity. The picture becomes even more frightening when we consider that decades can pass between exposure to a chemical and symptoms. This is called latent toxicity. These chemicals saturate and reside in your fat cells in your abdomen, breast, buttocks, and the sheaths around your nerves. These toxins gradually leach out into the system. Many times when you begin to lose weight we find cases of neurotoxicity.

Many of us are exposed to toxic chemicals in the environment. It has been suggested that many signs of sub-clinical toxicity are more common than we think.

These are the common signs of neurotoxicity:



Visual disorders


Heart symptoms like palpitations & arrhythmia




Nerve disorders, i.e. Parkinson’s

Chronic fatigue

Chronic pain

Poor memory



Sleep disturbances

Skin inflammation

There are five major heavy metal environmental toxins:






At the Mt Sinai School of Medicine in NYC volunteers were tested for the presence of 210 chemicals commonly found in consumer products and industrial pollutants in the NY tri-state area. Tests on blood and urine detected on average 91 industrial compounds, pollutants, and chemicals in New Yorkers.

There is no way to avoid these chemicals. We must employ nutrition, diet, exercise, and any other methods that support our natural detox systems.

It is imperative for us to take control of our health because no else is going to do it for us. Now you can do exactly that with the right guidance. There are Functional Lab tests that you can take in the convenience of your home. The results will tell you exactly what is behind your symptoms. If you're suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above and you haven't received satisfactory treatment yet, I welcome you to be in touch with me to have an exploratory conversation about it at no cost. Just click on this link to book your appointment.

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