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PMS is a collection of over 100 symptoms that affect women before their period, a two week period from ovulation to their period. It can also affect women during their period.

Caffeine, poor diet, inadequate levels of vitamins and minerals, thyroid imbalance, and estrogen/progesterone imbalance are some causes.

The first four most important factors in PMS are: 1. thyroid system malfunction 2. candida 3. sleep disorder 4. lack of light, especially full spectrum

Also: • lack of exercise • too much stress • food allergies • parasites • environmental sensitivities • mercury fillings • exhausted adrenals • unresolved stress or abuse

Nutrients for PMS • vitamin B6 • vitamin C • pantothenic acid • magnesium

I use a lab test which measures 6 important analytes over 28 days.

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